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Get To Know Megan

Megan Nickless is the founder and CEO of Virtually There Services with over 13 years of successful experience in social media marketing and administration. Megan has worked with medical professionals, life coaches, clinical counsellors, holistic practitioners, graphic designers, brick-and-mortar owners, and many other businesses. Megan thrives in helping others as a Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant, her mission is to empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by remotely assisting them with their tasks. This means business owners don't need to find room in the office for her and can hire her for as much or as little time as they would like.

When she isn’t helping her clients, you can easily find her stretching on her yoga mat, in ballet class, or enjoying some family time.


Meet The Team

Shaundra Face Picture.jpg


Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager

With over 15 years of executive assistance experience, Shaundra utilizes her expertise with various online platforms to accommodate clients as a Virtual Assistant. Shaundra has a passion for helping others realize their potential by supporting them on their business journey. She specializes in time management projects, social media management, administrative services, marketing, website maintenance, and customer relations.


Shaundra’s biggest passion is her family. She spends the majority of her time, outside of work, as a devoted mother and wife.

I knew when it was time for me to add to my team Shaundra was the person I needed! 

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