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Simplifying the
lives of busy

See how a social media manager and virtual

assistant can improve your business!


I know what you're thinking...

What makes me different? Maybe you have listened to a ton of experts, and everything you have tried hasn't worked. I get it. I was once where you were, lost on what to post to social media, behind on my administrative tasks, and I felt I had no direction!

I decided to take a marketing course and that's when everything changed!!! I was only missing a key few elements. That ignited a massive passion in me to help other business owners show up authentically, clearly, and with purpose. I get it, you have enough on your plate as it is and the pressure to show up online, or have all your stuff together feels like a lot! 


As I gained experience over the years as a business owner, I became dedicated to making things run more smoothly. I set up systems, automations, and geeked out organizing everything that I could! What a difference!!!

Let's be real friend, you didn't push yourself to start a business to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, disorganized, or not see the results that you are wanting!


I have over 12 years of successful experience to get you where you want to be! I have worked with life coaches, clinical counsellors, social media managers, graphic designers, brick-and-mortar owners, and many other businesses. I help them scale and succeed with systems and strategies that work without the fluff!

Are you ready to step into your full power, and ditch the overwhelm?

Let's talk about your goals and create some actionable steps to get you there!

Still not convinced? See what other people are saying.

Image by Katie Harp

Megan has been a delight to work with, and having her help over the past few months with admin and social media management tasks has allowed me to continue to grow my business.


Her quality of work, dedication and responsiveness goes beyond my expectations.

I am very thankful to have Megan as a part of my social media team. 


Tania Lang

Founder of Tania Lang Social - Management & Consulting

2022 Nominee For The Chamber Of Commerce Resiliency Awards

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What is a Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant Anyway?

Bringing  Social Media & Administrative tasks to the 21st Century.

Social media is arguably the most powerful form of advertising there is! 

Social media managers are contractors who own their own businesses and specialize in copywriting, graphics, and strategies that increase your brand awareness and online presence. Sure anyone can write a caption...But not just anyone can write a caption and create content that converts, fosters a like-know trust between you and customers, and builds the connections your customers need to make a purchase!

Similarly, a virtual assistant operates the same way as an assistant, secretary or office administrator would in a corporate environment, except they do it remotely as independent businesses. With the benefit of not having to provide a physical space, virtual assistants bring a more flexible skillset to all types of businesses. From consultants on the road, small businesses, to even larger corporations, a virtual assistant provides on-demand administrative expertise without the overhead of providing a physical space.

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